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Unread 29 Nov 2018, 08:52 PM
rich76 rich76 is offline
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Default Been thinking about this for a while

In NASCAR, Qualifying is a category. As everyone should know by now...whomever wins the pole gets a 3% bump.

There should be other bumps (yes I remember the old "Emmitts") for things like what happened the other night. Patrik Laine scored 5 goals on 5 shots (proj of 44 goals) and barely got a 9% divi. I agree, that is a normal legit divi for those stats....BUT......5 for 5? That's pretty stout and I wonder if it's ever been done before (pros only)........scoring 5 goals has been done dozens of times....but not, to my knowledge, on 5 shots.

Most interesting NHL stats I've EVER seen is what Lemieux did...5 goals- one of each:

even strength goal
power paly goal
shorthanded goal
penalty shot goal
empty net goal
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Unread 30 Nov 2018, 01:40 PM
SiteWolf SiteWolf is offline
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for those that didn't notice, #2 qualifiers got 1% this year btw

but...other bumps either have to be built into a far more complicated formula (not impossible, more complicated) or dealt with manually.....do deal with manually, we'd have to know about it because it's not directly out of a box score....unless dealt with by a complicated formula
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