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Unread 13 Jul 2018, 08:44 AM
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Default Moving for a job- when is it right?

OK, so I'm posting this in large part to put some things down rhetorically more than expecting revelations from someone's comment.

As many of you know, I picked up my life where I'd been for 20 years and took an accounting job with the state 3 years ago. The job itself was going fine, but noone is understanding why HR seems to be devaluing accountants. Then the boss that hired me retired last fall, the gal that replaced him and I don't exactly click, and the classification committee denied reclassing my position (which none of my bosses understand, so I did at least get a raise).

A position that I interviewed for 3 years ago in the same time frame as I interviewed for my current job....is open again. Do I apply? Easy answer would seem like yes- especially since I already know the person temporarily taking the position has no desire to keep it long term.

Here's where both excitement and hesitations come in. The job is running the state's veterans home- a noble job. I've thought about the idea of living in the Black Hills for years, and that's where the home is. But it would require not just a move, but a move to a town of 3600, and a town 200 miles further from 'family central', a move that may be more money but not so much more it easily covers what might be a bit higher cost of living...plus the cost (and work) of the move itself.

It would be somewhat a defining move, too, in that I would be leaving the accounting career band I've been in, tho the plan would be this is where I finish out my career. If I find another position here where I am, I don't have to move and if I don't like it I work to find another. However, if I don't like the job at the home or the town I'm in, there I am 200 miles from another state job, 400 from 'family central'.

....would be a lot easier if an investor just showed up so I could work for Jockstocks full time! Then I could live ANYwhere!
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Unread 14 Jul 2018, 01:47 PM
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I would say the two most important factors in making a decision like this what will my family situation be in a few years?

The other factor would be what are the requirements of the new job. Will the new job be more stressful and if it is what kind of changes would occur because of this.

Another thing to think about is moving can be such a pain in the butt.

In this type of situation a person needs to think about what is most important to them and go with whatever situation will make them feel the most satisfied on a long term basis.
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