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IPO Talk and Player Movement Who don't we have, but should? Who's changed teams?

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Unread 31 Dec 2010, 01:15 AM
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Default IPOs

Just curious, what needs to happen for IPOs to be added? There are hundreds of guys from all the sports who should be on here, who aren't. I've only been on here for 2 days now but today Jack Johnson would've been nice. JVR? They would've been nice pickups today. There are other guys like ty lawson, dj augustine....I could go on forever. Just wondering if its a complicated procedure to add some of these guys, who are sort of established players already.
Unread 31 Dec 2010, 09:20 AM
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complicated, no....I've been behind in getting to IPOs the last couple months because, well, real life's been gettin' in the way....

Family's gone from the holidays and I'm gettin' settled in after moving, so (at least theoretically) should have time soon to get some IPOs in.

...tho I don't think there are hundreds of IPOs coming

Football is always hard...especially on defense...Ty Lawson definitely fits the bill as an IPO, however. But, at this point any footballers I add will likely be from playoff teams primarily. We've also got golf starting, so I'll be looking to add a few there. And yes, I KNOW there are NBAers.

I'm open to lists of players you think should be here...just bear in mind, it makes little sense to IPO guys who are only worth buying a couple/few times per season...for example, an NBAer should average near double digits in at least one of points, rebounds, and assists at a minimum. A skater won't get consideration w/o trending towards 20 goals or 25 assists or thereabouts...etc...
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